Custom Casio CZ Patches, Made with Love

CZounds patches are inspired by synthpop bands from the 1980s. They are programmed to take advantage of the CZ’s strengths and quirks.

What You Get with Your Purchase:
You will receive a download link for a zip that includes a PDF patch list and 64 patch data files in both .SYX (SysEx) and VST3 formats. The download link is good for 3 download attempts for 5 days following purchase.

How to Use CZounds Patches:
Use a SysEx transfer program for Mac or PC and a MIDI connection to send .SYX patch data from your computer to your Casio CZ synthesizer (CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, CZ-5000, or CZ-1).

Will These Patches Work with the Virtual CZ emulator plugin?
CZounds patches in VST3 format can be used with the Virtual CZ plugin, but a few don't translate correctly. This is due to Virtual CZ being a close approximation of the original CZ synthesis engine but not exact. Here is a short list of patches that don't work as intended in Virtual CZ.

Who is CZounds?
CZounds was created by Mike Langlie to provide fun and useful sounds for the Casio CZ user community. Mike has owned and used a CZ synth since they were originally released, which can be heard on albums by his toytronica band Twink and solo synth project Cat Temper.

Casio CZ Links of Interest

Casio CZ Users Facebook Group - Discussions and resources.

Patch Base iPad app - Excellent patch editor for many classic synths.

VirtualCZ by Plugin Boutique - CZ emulator and patch editor.

SynthLib - Free patches and podcast for classic synths.

Casio CZ Patch Library - A small hardware device that holds 10,000 user-assigned patches and comes with over 2,000 presets.

Please respect these Terms of Use:
You may use CZounds patches in your compositions, music productions and performances. Please do not redistribute the patches either freely or for sale. Do not distribute samples or isolated recordings of the patches. Do not use the patches as individual sounds or sound effects in games, soundtracks, devices or other means.

Please Note: We do not offer refunds of purchases after download links have been used.

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