Casio CZ Albums

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Posted on August 26, 2018

I’ve used Casios (CZ synths and other models) in many of my song recordings since I first owned a CZ-3000 way back when. So I’m excited when I find someone making an entire album with just Casio keyboards, especially the CZ.

Satoshi & Makoto are two brothers in Kawasaki, Japan with several albums on Bandcamp made with a CZ-5000. There’s even a vinyl version of one release. Check out their YouTube channel too.

Paris Treantafeles in Queens, NY describes his album AnatolĂ© as a “Greek drama in two acts.” It’s a great showcase of electro sounds and very funky. He used a CZ-1000 with beats provided by his collection of vintage drum machines.

Leo Chadburn is a composer of experimental and ‘avant-pop’ music in London, UK. Hear his album Epigram / Microgram (CZ) which mixes melodic minimalism and noisy effects.

Two long ambient tracks make up the album 1986 by Justin Robert. It’s clear he’s a fan of early Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Brian Eno.