Dream Come True for CZ Synth Owners

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Posted November 18, 2017

For years the Casio CZ synth community (me included) has been wishing for new cartridges to hold extra patches beyond the paltry 16 or 32 on-board slots. Iestyn Lewis has gone beyond a simple cartridge and designed a small device that will make any CZ owner happy. His CZ Patch Loader – CZPL for short – comes with over 2,000 presets and space for 10,000 user-assigned patches. It uses a Micro SD card which can be loaded from a computer (patches must be named using numbers from 0000 – 9999) and accessed using a simple number keypad. The CZPL connects using standard MIDI ports and allows other gear like sequencers and controllers to send MIDI data through to the CZ synth.

Some people may find it a little bit pricey but I think it’s a good deal considering what vintage cartridges go for these days. Check out the CZPL product page which has videos of the CZPL in action.