Introducing CZounds

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Posted April 15, 2016

Hello! My name is Mike and I’m a long-time fan of the Casio CZ synthesizer. For a long time I’ve looked around for new and interesting patch collections and finally decided to release my own to fill the gap.

Instead of just making random patches I took on the challenge of replicating sounds from bands that influenced me and many others to start making music in the era that the CZ was released. I like to say they’re “inspired by” sounds from those classic songs rather than being pure copies.

CZounds patches come close to the sounds of 1980s synthpop bands that were originally created on more expensive and sophisticated gear, while making the most of the CZ’s quirks and strengths. Check out the audio demos for each set to hear for yourself what the CZ is capable of doing.

I hope you find these patches useful and fun! Let me know if you use them your music, I’d love to hear it. More collections are already in the works. Sign up for the email newsletter to find out about new releases and sales.