New Patch Sets and a Sale!

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Posted June 24, 2016

I’m excited to announce 4 new patch sets! One is free and the others are 1/3 off during July and August of 2016 ($10 instead of $15). Note: Sale is over! Join the mailing list to hear about more sales.

The free set RelaCZ has 16 patches based on the song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Some very distinctive sounds that the CZ handles well.

TranCZistor has 64 patches inspired by Kraftwerk. Many sounds are reminiscent of vintage toy keyboards and 8-bit games. Also included are slow evolving pads, synthetic singing voices and spacey sound effects. Some patches use key release effects to simulate built-in echo or note delays.

Madonna inspired the 64 patches that make up PhyCZical Attraction. Recreating her thick FM-style basses and funky leads was satisfying work. This is also the set to get if you need a variety of pianos, electric pianos, bells and synth brass.

My favorite collection to create so far is CZingles 1984 based on top 40 radio hits from that year. It has a wide range of useful sounds from a variety of styles: pop, dance, electro-funk, new wave and more. Patches were inspired by songs from bands including Banananarama, Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, Dead Or Alive, Cyndi Lauper, Giorgio Moroder and others.