Some Shout-Outs

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Posted April 19, 2016

Anyone who owns a Casio CZ synthesizer knows how tedious and confusing it can be to program custom patches. Fortunately there are some alternatives to struggling with the keyboard’s button panel.

My favorite editor for the CZ is Chadwick Wood’s CZ Touch app for iPad and iPhone. It has a simple and intuitive UI that visualizes the various waveforms. Chadwick’s company Coffeeshopped also makes a great editor app called Patch Base for a variety of synth brands and models including the CZ series.

Did you know there’s a software emulation of the Casio CZ? Plugin Boutique reverse-engineered it to make their VirtualCZ plugin. It’s a close recreation that adds a few new features like panning and effects. It also works as an editor and librarian for the hardware synth. I’ve found that patches imported from a physical CZ don’t always sound exactly the same in VirtualCZ but it’s a very good approximation and alternative for people who don’t have access to the real thing.

The Synth Lib site has free patches for a growing list of synthesizers. Browse their library and add your own! They also have a podcast discussing the features and programming of classic synths.

There’s a Facebook group for Casio CZ users. The friendly people there share tips, photos, history and personal stories about using the synth.